Ministry asked to finalize law on enforced disappearances.

After a long-awaited process of demanding justice for those impacted by enforced disappearances of their loved ones, Prime Minister Imran Khan has finally demanded the law on enforced disappearances to be passed.

In 2019, Zulfiqar Shah, joint director at the Pakistan Institute of Labour, Education and Research (Piler), had spoken to Dawn and stated that "Out of the total 6,474 complaints officially received by the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances till Nov this year, 3,434 people have been freed whereas 2,206 cases are still pending". We would like to know what legal action has been taken against the perpetrator/s of these cases. There is no law to punish the persons involved in such crimes.”

The call to action is finally close to being heard and we at Saeed&Moeez are looking forward to such development of the law, which aims to strive better to protect the citizens of Pakistan.


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